Preparatory Educational Activities for the Matura Examination in English

In the school year 2018/19, we cordially invite you to attend our preparatory educational activities for the final upper secondary school leaving examination (egzamin maturalny) in English at the advanced level. Taking into consideration the complexity and exceptionality of foreign language learning process, we make any effort to provide our clients with the quality of work in the course of these activities, which is practically unattainable as regards the learning and teaching conditions in large groups (where the number of learners exceeds 10 persons). We also put our effort into making the aforesaid work meet the demands of the 21st century reality and being as efficiently recorded and consolidated as possible. For this reason, in addition and subject to the traditional use of coursebooks, available examination sheets, and sets for the oral part of the examination, the learners take advantage of computer tools enabling them to learn to draw up more difficult texts as well as apply various lexicogrammatical forms, thus following the comparative method, based on translating sentences in Polish into English (the components of language discourse attributable to the relevant compositions), and at the same time archive the translations made in a bilingual database (the so-called translation memory), which allows for fast and easy searches of the collected language resources for the purpose of reuse thereof. Apart from that, the writing practice includes building a glossary by the learner in a separate database, integrated into the translation assisting computer program, as well as utilizing glossaries previously made on the basis of dictionaries, school coursebooks, books and language corpora. In order to use and process the collected language resources, the learners are provided with free computer software allowing for unaided work with the data at home. In addition, the learners receive the educator’s continued support via the Moodle e-learning platform and the E-LANGSTAR SUPPORT CENTER.

preparatory lessons for matura