Office for Translation and Educational Services LANGSTAR provides lessons in English for children in accordance with the principles of the Communicative Language Teaching Approach which lays emphasis on interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal of foreign language learning. This means that the success of foreign language learning can be assessed in terms of how well the learners have developed their communicative competence. It is worth noting that the communicative approach to language teaching allows for a suitable application of exercises dealing with grammar and pronunciation in order to ensure that the accuracy of the learner’s utterance is sufficient and the message conveyed thereby is comprehensible.

The lessons in English for the youngest are provided by the Office for Translation and Educational Services LANGSTAR in such a manner as to arouse their interest and motivation in foreign language learning. We always allow the children to express their opinions as well as encourage them to voice their thoughts in English. Owing to the small, 4-learner groups, we are in a position to ensure effective interaction with each learner therein. Furthermore, we motivate the children to acquire the language from their peers through different exercises performed in pairs or in a group. Our communicative language teaching is aimed at giving the children the feeling of self-confidence, which facilitates their learning and development of language skills.