A person arriving at a decision to attend the individualised lessons may have found that group learning does not meet their expectations or may have a limited amount of time to deal with a particular part of the language material as well as may wish to have maximum attention devoted to their needs by the educator.

The individualised teaching of English may be the optimal solution for persons whose language learning goals are clearly defined. It must be remembered that time pressure creates specific needs for many learners and in such situations learning in language groups is not recommended. The individualised lessons allow the educator to focus on the learner’s priorities, e.g. explain selected language issues or improve particular skills without having to pay attention to the needs of other learners, as is the case in group teaching.

Irrespective of the learner’s goals of studying English, the individualised lessons ensure undivided attention of the educator providing teaching to each individual learner. The selection of methods for the individualised teaching provided by the Office for Translation and Educational Services LANGSTAR results from the current needs of our learners as well as the assessment of these needs made by the educator.